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Avid Bleed Kit & DOT 5.1 Fluid

Bleed Kit for Avid Brakes & DOT 5.1 Fluid

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  • Compatible with Avid, SRAM* & Formula brakes
  • Works just as well as the Genuine Avid Bleed Kit, for less than half the cost!
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced brake bleeders
  • UK Delivery ONLY £1.99. FREE on orders over £20
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Don't fancy paying £40 for the Genuine Avid Bleed Kit? Now there's no need to! Our Avid Bleed Kit is as close as you'll get to the real deal - without the premium price tag!

As well as compatibility with all Avid brakes (including Elixir, Code & Juicy) our bespoke bleed adaptors allow you to bleed Formula and SRAM models too.*

Say no to expensive labour costs, and the two week wait at your local bike shop, let us guide you through the simple, DIY task of bleeding your own Avid brakes. We're ready when you are.

Our Bleed Kit for Avid Brakes includes 100ml of high performance DOT 5.1 brake fluid, enough to bleed your brakes 3-4 times! Our brake fluid bottles are 100% sealed and air tight, so you know what you're getting is fresh!

We're not the only ones who think you'll love our bleed kits. Join over 50,000 riders who've bled their brakes with us! Buy your Bleed Kit for Avid Brakes from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.

*This product is currently not compatible with the latest (2017) SRAM Guide brake callipers. SRAM has redesigned the calliper bleed port and now requires their Bleeding Edge tool in order to bleed the brake. We are looking into a possible solution.


  • 2x 20ml syringe assemblies with tubing, o-rings, tube clamps and bleed adaptors
  • 1x Elastic band for holding brake lever
  • 1x Torx screwdriver bit
  • 1x Pair of nitrile (latex free) gloves
  • 100ml DOT 5.1 high performance brake fluid
  • Full step-by-step brake bleed instructions


Not sure how to bleed your Avid brakes? No problem. Follow the links below to find our full bleed guide and online video.


Mongrel Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 22nd October 2016
SRAM Guide R

Had the brakes bled at a bike shop but front still spongy. Bought this kit and so easy to use thanks to excellent instructions. Sorted!!

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Dwayne Dibley Rating: 4/5 4 / 5 5th October 2016
Not bad

Bleeding the brakes on any Mt. bike is a ridiculous procedure and rarely a pleasurable job, however, this kit works works well and is a reasonable price. My only complaint is that there should be some small clamps holding the tube onto the brass fittings as they can pop off whilst you are screwing around for hours trying to get your brakes bled properly. All I did was put a couple of small zip ties around the stub and tighten them up pretty solid. Solved that problem.

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Fred Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 2nd October 2016
bleed kit

every thing was fine , thank goodness as we set off for 3 weeks cycling in the rockies, could have done with a break shoe / caliper spacer

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Ali Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 30th September 2016
Avid Bleed kit

Great wee kit this! Set of instructions and a set of gloves goes a lomg way with a system like this that has a more dangerous fluid. Worth the money especially since the official set from sram is abouy 3 times the price!! And this one works just as well!

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MacG Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 27th September 2016
It works!

Never done a bleed before. But this kit worked and my brakes did to and nice ans cheap in comparison to the sram kit. Great customer service too.

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Sylxx Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 26th September 2016
Simple for a first timer!

The whole kit comes with instructions that are really simple to use. The kits do not leak, syringes are sturdy, and connecting hoses work really well. I was terrified of bleeding brakes as people had said that it was faffy and that they didn't like it. After I used this though it was so simple.

The Avid kits themselves are really quite expensive, but after using these kits, I have no need to fork out for the factory kits.

If you're new to bleeding, then these are some of the best kits to go for. If you've bled so many brakes in your life and it frustrates you, buy these!

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Will this kit bleed SRAM Guide brakes?

This kit is compatible with all SRAM brakes except for the newest (2017-on) SRAM models with their redesigned S4 brake calliper. For this SRAM require that you use their Bleeding Edge tool. However, you will still need a bleed kit and ours can be used with the SRAM Bleeding Edge tool, click here to find out how.

Does this kit bleed Formula brakes too?

Yes. Our bleed adaptors are manufactured to be compatible with all Formula brakes too.

Is 100ml of brake fluid enough to bleed both front and back brakes?

Yes. 100ml will allow you to bleed both brakes 3-4 times.