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Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert - Epic Bleed Solutions Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert - Epic Bleed Solutions Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert - Epic Bleed Solutions

Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert

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  • Replacement compression olive and insert, designed to fit Shimano BH90 hydraulic brake hose
  • Contains 1 olive and 1 hose insert
  • Essential parts when shortening Shimano BH90 brake hoses
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Not sure if it will fit? Click here to check your brake model.

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When shortening your Shimano brake hoses you will need new compression olives and connector inserts. This BH90 olive and insert are direct replacements for your BH90 Shimano brake hose.

Need help choosing between BH59 or BH90 hose inserts? Take a look at the Hose Guide tab or click here to find out which type you need.

We're not the only ones who think you'll love our Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert. Join over 50,000 riders who've bled their brakes with us! Buy your Shimano BH90 Olive & Connector Insert from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.


  • 1x Compression olive for Shimano hydraulic hose
  • 1x Connector insert for Shimano BH90 hose


Use this table to look up your Shimano brake model number to find out if your hose requires BH59 or BH90 hose inserts. If your model is not listed let us know and we'll add it.

Model Combination Hose Type
Lever Calliper BH59 BH90
BL-M9000 BR-M9000 X
BL-M9020 BR-M9020 X
BL-M820 BR-M820 X
BL-M8000 BR-M8000 X
BL-M8000 BR-M8020 X
BL-T8000 BR-M8000 X
BL-M7000 BR-M7000 X
BL-M615 BR-M615 X
BL-T675 BR-T675 X
BL-M640 BR-M640 X
BL-M6000 BR-M6000 X
BL-T6000 BR-M6000 X
BL-RS600 BR-RS405 X
ST-M4050 BR-M4050 X
ST-M3050 BR-M3050 X
BL-MT500 BR-MT500 X
BL-T445 BR-M446 X
BR-M395 X
BL-M365 BR-M365 X
BL-M315 BR-M315 X
ST-EF505 BR-M315 X
BL-S700 BR-S700 X
BR-R9170 X
ST-R9180 BR-R9170 X
BR-R8070 X
ST-R785 BR-RS805 X
ST-R785 BR-RS785 X
ST-R785 BR-R785 X
ST-RS685 BR-RS805 X
ST-RS685 BR-RS785 X
ST-RS685 BR-R785 X
ST-RS505 BR-RS785 X
ST-RS505 BR-RS505 X
ST-RS405 BR-RS785 X
ST-RS405 BR-RS505 X
ST-RS405 BR-RS405 X
BR-U5000 X


How do I know if this is the right insert for my brake hose?

There are two types of Shimano brake hose. BH59 and BH90. You can use the 'Hose Guide' tab on this page or take a look at our blog post to find out which insert you need:

BH59 or BH90 - Which Insert Do I Need?

Do you have any guidance on shortening Shimano brake hoses?

Yes we do. Please see our how-to guide below which describes the hose shortening procedure.

How to Shorten Shimano Brake Hoses without Bleeding