BH59 or BH90 - Which Insert Do I Need?

Posted by Alex Mansell If you are shortening your Shimano brake hoses and you are not sure which hydraulic hose insert to use then you have landed in the right place. Use our handy table to find out if your brakes use BH59 or BH90 hose inserts. Click to read more..

Upgrade Your Bleed Kit for SRAM Bleeding Edge

Posted by Alex Mansell SRAM is quickly rolling out their new Bleeding Edge Technology to their new range of brakes throughout 2017. For you, this means that your trusty old Avid Bleed Kit will no longer cut the mustard. We'll show you how to adapt the SRAM Bleeding Edge tool to work with your existing bleed kit. Click to read more..

5 Minute Shimano Mini Bleed

Posted by Alex Mansell If you've ever struggled to get a firm feeling lever following a seemingly flawless Shimano brake bleed then this article is for you. Today we'll walk you through how to perform a quick, 5 minute mini bleed of your Shimano brakes in order to eradicate excess lever travel and help restore faith in your stoppers. Click to read more..

How to Bleed RockShox Charger Damper

Posted by Alex Mansell In this guide we'll show you how to bleed your RockShox Charger Damper. We'll be working on our Pike RCT3 fork for the purposes of this guide but the steps will be similar for the Charger Damper in your BoXXer fork too. Click to read more..

8 Top Tips for Brake Bleeding Success

Posted by Alex Mansell With the amount of brake bleeding guidance out there, brake bleeding is something that more and more riders are taking on themselves and after you've bled a few sets successfully, you will no doubt start to pick up a few tips and tricks to make the job easier and faster.

In this article I will try to share some of the tips I have learned along the way to help you bleed your brakes more efficiently.
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The Basics of Brake Bleeding

Posted by Alex Mansell Those of you new to the idea of bleeding your own mountain bike brakes will be wondering if you're up to the task, or if it's time to surrender your bike to the local bike shop. Well I'm here to tell you that despite your initial fears as a prospective first timer, brake bleeding is not some dark art that only the elite cycle mechanics can practice.

With the right bleed kit, a little bit of know-how and 30 minutes to set aside you can easily breathe new life into your hydraulic mountain bike brakes.
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DOT Brake Fluid vs. Mineral Oil - and the Winner is..

Posted by Alex Mansell Brake fluid is an essential part of the hydraulic braking system. Without it, or without enough if it, the forces you apply at the brake lever would not be transferred to the calliper, pads and rotor.

One of the great debates and areas of confusion surrounding brake fluid is which brake fluid is best? Well we're going to try and answer that question today. I'll explore these brake fluids in detail, sum up their advantages and disadvantages and explain why the experts believe their choice of fluid is best for us riders.
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How to Bleed SRAM Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell Hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes seem to be gaining popularity, as of writing this SRAM have two models on the market - the SRAM RED hydraulic road disc brake and the SRAM S-700 brake set.

Watch the video below to find out what you need to know when it comes to bleeding them.
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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Bleeding Your Mountain Bike Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell If there's one thing better than learning from your mistakes, it's learning from somebody else's mistakes.

When it comes to bleeding mountain bike brakes there are a few mistakes which crop up time and again.

If you're a novice considering bleeding your brakes for the first time use these five tips to get a head start and save yourself a bit of potential embarrassment amongst your riding buddies.
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How to Shorten Shimano Brake Hoses without Bleeding

Posted by Alex Mansell Excess brake hose is unsightly and can sometimes interfere with your pedal strokes. As the brake manufacturers would rather give you too much than too little, shortening brake hoses is a job you will no doubt have to do at some stage.

Thankfully shortening your brake hoses is not a difficult job and with the help of this detailed guide we'll show you just how easy it is.
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Avid Bleed Procedure - How-to Video

Posted by Alex Mansell In addition to the complete guide to bleeding your Avid brakes I posted not so long ago, I thought I'd share the excellent tutorial video from SRAMtech showing you the complete procedure for bleeding Avid Elixir brakes.

The video is relevant to all hydraulic Avid disc brakes as the steps are exactly the same. Be sure to watch the video in full and make sure you have everything you need before attempting the job.
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How to Bleed Avid Brakes Like a Pro

Posted by Alex Mansell We've all read the horror stories on the forums about how impossible it is to get a decent bleed on a set of Avid brakes. Complaints usually centre around the 'over complicated' bleed procedure (which isn't really all that complicated. Is it?)

I can't say I've had the same bad experiences. Maybe I just haven't bled enough sets.

This detailed guide aims to debunk the impossible-to-bleed theory and help you make your Avid brakes feel brand new again. Let's take a look at what's involved.
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How to Bleed Magura Disc Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell Bleeding your Magura brakes isn't considered a necessary routine chore. However after finding (and fixing) a leak, after brake hose shortening or if air is suspected to be present in the brake system it will need to be bled out to restore full braking performance.

Whatever your reasons for bleeding your Magura brakes this article will guide you through the entire process in 18 easy steps.
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How to Bleed Quad Disc Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell We're showing you how to bleed your Quad brakes with this tutorial. For all Quad disc brakes including QHD-1 Sting, QHD-3 Duece, QHD-4 Axis, QHD-5 Dime and QHD-7 Nano models. Click to read more..

How to Bleed Hayes Dyno Disc Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell Here it is. The complete how-to guide on bleeding your Hayes Dyno Comp or Sport hydraulic disc brake using our Hayes Dyno/Prime bleed kit. Click to read more..

How to Bleed New Shimano Brakes

Posted by Alex Mansell Traditionally to bleed your trusty Shimano brake set all you needed was a bottle of mineral oil and a length of correct sized tubing to attach to the bleed nipple, we left the rest down to the lever. Now that's all changed.. Click to read more..

Caring For Your Epic Bleed Kit

Posted by Alex Mansell We all want the things we buy to last as long as possible and our customers often ask about the expected lifespan of our bleed kits. We'll show you how a little care can go a long way. Click to read more..

How to Make a Bleed Block

Posted by Alex Mansell A bleed block, or piston spacer as it is sometimes known, is a plastic object designed to fit snugly between the pistons of your brake calliper and its job is to prevent... Click to read more..

How Hydraulic Brakes Work

Posted by Alex Mansell Hydraulic brakes have transformed mountain bike disciplines ever since their arrival. They enable us to go faster and stop harder. So what is it about hydraulic brakes... Click to read more..